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breast microseed sources
A precise, convenient and effective breast cancer treatment option

Breast Microseed Treatment is a proven method of post-lumpectomy radiation therapy for women with early-stage breast cancer. The treatment involves the precise placement of radioactive seeds in the breast that slowly release the prescribed breast cancer radiation dose safely over time. Microseed® radiation sources are implanted in and around the area where cancer might recur.

Patients return home the same day of the procedure and can resume their regular activities the following day.


Important Facts:

  • One Time, One Hour.  Breast Microseed Treatment is a one-time outpatient procedure that lasts about an hour

  • Proven safe and effective since 2004

  • Low-dose rate radiation to the breast in the form of implanted seeds, following a lumpectomy

  • Brachytherapy (also known as seed therapy or internal radiation) has been used successfully in treating many other types of cancer for over 30 years

  • Clinical outcomes have demonstrated similar efficacy to other breast radiation therapies

  • Side effects are milder and less frequent compared to other forms of radiation therapy

  • Very high patient satisfaction

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