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About Concure Oncology

Concure Oncology innovates with tried-and-true technology to provide cancer treatments that combine effectiveness with unprecedented convenience. Our exclusive Breast Microseed Treatment® reflects our dedication to helping women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer regain their quality of life and peace of mind as quickly and confidently as possible.

Our Mission

Concure Oncology is committed to easing the burden for women facing early-stage breast cancer by enhancing and simplifying radiation treatment so they can get back to living their lives.

Our Vision

At Concure Oncology, our vision is to make cutting-edge, streamlined and effective radiation treatment for early-stage breast cancer available to every woman – no matter where she lives.

  • We are guided by the belief that, wherever in the world, every life has equal value
  • We will advocate for education, early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
  • We will partner with world-class medical institutions to break down geographic and technological barriers to breast cancer radiation treatment -- both in the United States and around the world
  • We will transform healthcare with solutions that are medically effective, economical, sustainable, and global
  • We will utilize resources responsibly in order to achieve our mission and meet our goals

We partner with breast care centers of excellence to provide Breast Microseed Treatment. This post-lumpectomy radiation procedure is performed in a single visit, so patients gain peace of mind and freedom to resume their lives faster and with the highest degree of confidence.

Concure Oncology®

Dedicated to helping you put cancer behind you so you can get back to your life faster, with the peace of mind that comes from following the appropriate breast cancer treatment to help prevent a recurrence.

Kevin Kelley
Chief Executive Officer


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