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A Message from our CEO

Kevin-Kelley-headshot-websized.jpgAt Concure Oncology, we live our Mission on a daily basis. We are committed to easing the burden for women facing early-stage breast cancer by enhancing and simplifying radiation treatment so they can get back to living their lives. In order to be successful in this endeavor, we keep the needs and concerns of women, our patients, at the forefront of our work. Concure has a single focus: to support our healthcare partners in delivering a safe and effective treatment to women with early-stage breast cancer. 

Our Vision is to play a role in transforming healthcare with a solution that is medically effective, economical, sustainable and global. 

Focusing on quality, safety and comfort is our prime concern. We devote resources appropriate to keeping the high level and standard of quality and regulatory compliance in place at all times.  

Quality at Concure Oncology

Quality pervades every product we make and every task we undertake. We use the latest quality improvement techniques to help assure that our customers are delighted, and their goals are exceeded. We’ve standardized our work processes and seek every opportunity to drive out non-contributing variation. Our quality management system describes this and supports all our work. We have met the rigors of independent external review and are Can/CSA ISO 13485:2003 certified.

As our Quality Policy states, “Concure Oncology is committed to meeting our customers’, as well as all applicable regulatory requirements, by providing an on-time, scheduled delivery of high quality products with an emphasis on continual improvement.”

In the end, we realize that medical devices are used to treat people, and that those people may be our friends, our families, or our loved ones. Every customer then deserves the same measure of focus, expertise and quality… as if we were treating our own family. That’s our ultimate commitment. Provide our customers the same quality we would provide our loved ones. Period.

Regulatory, Reimbursement, and Clinical Data Collection

Breast Microseed Treatment’s patented device and procedure are cleared by the FDA.

CPT codes applicable to Breast Microseed Treatment have all been verified for reimbursement.

To continually track quality, training and safety, Concure Oncology works with a centralized IRB to approve, monitor and review the collection of clinical data in a multi-institutional setting.

Concure Oncology®

Dedicated to helping you put cancer behind you so you can get back to your life faster, with the peace of mind that comes from following the appropriate breast cancer treatment to help prevent a recurrence.

Kevin Kelley
Chief Executive Officer


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