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Early Detection is Still the Best Protection in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

More women are diagnosed with breast cancer than any other cancer type - 1 out of every 8 women in North America will be diagnosed in her lifetime.  If there’s good news to be gleaned from that, it’s that 85% of them will be diagnosed at an early stage. 

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Follow-Up Radiation and the Sandwich Generation

In this blog article, we’re talking about life in the sandwich generation and what it means for women recovering from early-stage breast cancer. If that sounds like you or someone you know, keep reading.

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Overcoming Socioeconomic Disparities in Early-Stage Breast Cancer Survival

To survive breast cancer, a woman’s income shouldn’t matter—but unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Here’s a frightening fact: lower-income women have five-year breast cancer survival rates that are 9 percent lower than their higher-income counterparts, according to social justice organization Breast Cancer Action. We at Concure Oncology believe that is unacceptable.

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The “Angelina Jolie effect” and the rise of unnecessary double mastectomies

In breast cancer treatment, harsher does not mean more effective. Unfortunately, increasing numbers of women believe that because mastectomies are radical, they are more likely to succeed in saving lives. As a result, many women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer are having unnecessary mastectomies.

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Which Post-Lumpectomy Radiation Treatment Is Right for You?

There are a number of follow-up radiation options out there, so it can be hard to figure out which is right for you. But choosing a follow-up radiation treatment is the first step to getting back to your normal, "pre-cancer" life. In this blog, we walk you through three areas of practical concern when choosing follow-up radiation.

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