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Early Detection is Still the Best Protection in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

And the really great news is that treatments have improved dramatically over the years, increasing survival rates and making breast cancer nearly 100% curable when caught early.

By staying vigilant, women can play a key role in surviving this disease.  The combination of monthly self-exams, routine clinical exams and mammograms is key to catching cancer at its earliest stages when tumors are the smallest and easiest to treat.

Even though screening guidelines have changed over the years, what hasn’t changed is that early detection saves lives.  Statistics show that women age 40 to 74 who have screening mammograms have a lower chance of dying from breast cancer than those who don’t. 

2017 breast cancer screening guidelines from the American Cancer Society support women with average risk for breast cancer starting mammograms at the age of 40, and continuing them after 55, if they choose to do so for peace of mind.

Should a woman be diagnosed at an early-stage, she will likely receive breast conserving therapy which includes surgical removal of the tumor (lumpectomy), followed by radiation to destroy any residual cancer cells to help prevent cancer from returning.  What she may not know is that she has several options for the type of radiation she will receive.  Breast Microseed Treatment® is the ONLY post-lumpectomy radiation that’s One Time, One Hour, offering fewer side effects and more convenience to women with early-stage breast cancer.  With this treatment they can quickly and safely put breast cancer in their rearview mirrors.

Janet Matthews, DO, of Bon Secours Health System in Hampton Roads, VA. (one of five cancer centers in the U.S. currently offering Breast Microseed Treatment® ), speaks to the importance of early detection for survival.

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