Fewer, Less Frequent Side Effects

Breast Microseed Treatment®
Five-Year Patient Outcomes

Patient Results Following Breast Microseed Treatment

Peer-reviewed clinical trials show that the outcomes of Breast Microseed Treatment compare favorably to other forms of breast cancer radiation therapy. Additionally, Breast Microseed Treatment outperforms traditional breast cancer treatment options, with physicians reporting reduced side effects, reduced risk of infection, and reduced damage to healthy tissue. This has lead to extremely high patient satisfaction and five-year survival rates for Breast Microseed Treatment.

  • 98% patient satisfaction rate
  • 97.4% five-year overall survival rate
  • 96.4% five-year disease-free survival rate
  • 1.2% observed local recurrence rate
  • 97% good or excellent cosmesis (breast appearance)

Short Term Side Effects

The graph below shows side effects that have been reported two months after having Microseed® radiation sources implanted as low-dose rate internal radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancers. Overall, patients of Breast Microseed Treatment are less likely to experience negative side effects compared to women who have undergone other forms of breast cancer radiation.

2 month side effects of Breast Microseed Treatment
Source: Pignol, Jean-Philippe, MD, PhD, Jean-Michel Caudrelier, MD, Juanita Crook, MD, Claire McCann, PhD, Pauline Truong, MD, MSc, and Helena A. Verkooijen, MD,PhD. "Report on the Clinical Outcomes of Permanent Breast Seed Implant for Early-Stage Breast Cancers." International Journal of Radiation Oncology 93.3 (2015): 614-21

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