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Dayle P. – The Mover and Shaker

Dayle is a very active, energetic grandmother who loves her family and loves her life. She is retired, but definitely doesn’t sit still – “I've got things to do!” she says. She’s passionate about traveling around the world and taking care of her loved ones, and particularly enjoys caring for her grandchildren. She's known as a “mover and shaker who gets things done”, and with her busy lifestyle, Dayle didn’t have time for cancer…and certainly not for a treatment that would take her away from the people and activities that give her so much joy. So when Dayle was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, she was very concerned about how it would impact her life and the lives of her family. “I kind of expected it because of my family history with breast cancer, but I really wanted to take some time to think about my options,” said Dayle.

She kept a diary of her experience “since Day 1” so she was able to relay very vivid details about her cancer journey from three years ago. Around the time of her diagnosis, she had an exciting trip to Italy planned to celebrate her first year of retirement. Dayle so desperately wanted to take that trip, but she couldn’t ignore the bad news she’d just gotten. Luckily, her doctor said her tumor was small and caught early enough that spending a few weeks out of the country wouldn't make a difference in her prognosis. So she excitedly jaunted off to Italy and lived it up while she was there! But three days after returning, her hope was dashed when she learned she'd have to have 30 radiation treatments (5 daily sessions per week for six weeks) at a clinic which was an hour’s drive from her home. “This would have been horribly inconvenient for me and would have such a negative impact on my family! I had recently seen Dr. Crook on the news talking about breast brachytherapy and a one-time treatment, and I wanted to know more. I knew she worked at this facility so I pushed my doctor to get me an appointment with her while I was in town.”

Fortunately for Dayle, Dr. Crook was available that day and explained what Breast Microseed Treatment® was all about. “Once I met her, and found out I was eligible, that was it! It was a no-brainer. But I didn’t go in blind. I had done lots of research on my options, and I thought about it a long time. I couldn’t find any reason not to do it. I’m so grateful this was available!”

When describing her treatment experience Dayle said, “I was surprised by how easy it was! Honestly. I had no major discomfort. I really didn’t feel or see anything. You would never know I’d had a procedure.” She chuckled as she reflected on the day of her procedure, “After it was done, I just jumped off the table, walked out to the parking lot, and drove away with my husband. Seriously.” They were both surprised she was able to leave the hospital the same day, feeling so good. “Compared to the other procedures I’d had (biopsy and lumpectomy), this was absolutely nothing!”

Shortly after she received Breast Microseed Treatment, her friends and family initially approached her with caution, assuming that anyone who had just come out of treatment for breast cancer might have been fragile and weak. To their surprise, she looked like her normal vibrant self. “They looked at me and saw I was alright. They said ‘Dayle you look great! Want to go shopping?’ I really looked and felt like my normal self. I can’t even remember if I had to take any pain medication, maybe just over the counter stuff.”

“I spread the word (about Breast Microseed Treatment) to everyone, and I tell them ‘get your mammos’! It’s important to catch it early so you can have this. If you have the opportunity, be grateful and do it. There’s no reason not to. The research has been done. Why would anyone refuse it? It's the simplest thing in the world. This is the new way to treat breast cancer, and this treatment won't make a difference in your life at all..except save it!”

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