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Irene J. – “It’s Quick, Easy and There’s No Pain!”

Irene may be 76 years old with an 80-year old husband, “but we act like we're 26!” She's one hardy soul who takes life as it comes, and play the cards she is dealt. She doesn’t feel her age, nor live her life like she’s in her late seventies. And even though she wasn’t shocked she had breast cancer – because of her family history - receiving her own cancer diagnosis was still breathtaking. 

“A lump was detected in my mammogram. They did a needle biopsy and confirmed that it was breast cancer.” Traditional radiation treatment would have created quite a hardship for Irene and her husband. They live in a remote town that is seven hours from the nearest breast center.  For all of her exams, appointments and procedures leading up to then, they had to drive all day to get to the clinic. The meeting with her doctor to discuss her treatment options was no exception. “But since they want you there so early in the morning, we had to drive in the night before and pay for an overnight stay” she said as an aside. “I went there assuming I would need 4-6 weeks of radiation, which meant we would have to move there for a couple of months and stay in a hotel while I was being treated every day. I had a friend who had breast cancer and had to go that route. She just sucked it up and did it for all those weeks. I’m so glad I didn’t have to.”  

Irene felt incredibly fortunate that her doctor knew about a one-time outpatient procedure for early-stage breast cancer that wouldn’t require repeat visits over many weeks to the clinic so far from home. “When my doctor said I might be a great candidate for Breast Microseed Treatment®, I wanted to meet with Dr. Crook right away. When it turned out I was, I was happier than heck!”

“The doctor told me it used tiny seeds and there was no danger. The titanium that coats the seeds doesn’t hurt you. They use it in lots of medical procedures, so I knew it was safe. The way I saw it, this was better than the other treatments I could have had. I knew right away I wanted it!”  

Irene said she was relieved when she “found out it didn't do any collateral damage to other organs like the heart and lungs” and side effects were very minimal, compared to other forms of post-lumpectomy radiation treatments. “I had no surprises from this treatment except that I didn’t even need the full dose of pain medication she prescribed for me. I only took one or two and then didn’t need any more. And I was told to expect to see small pinpricks on my breast from the needles, but I couldn’t even see those either. It was like nothing happened, or at least that’s the way I felt.”

She had added peace of mind when she learned her doctor had not only treated many women with Breast Microseed Treatment over the years, but also had treated over 1,500 prostate cancer patients with seed therapy as well. She knew this treatment was safe, effective and had excellent outcomes. When asked if she would recommend this treatment to other women facing an early-stage breast cancer diagnosis, Irene said “Absolutely 100%!  Without a doubt. I don’t know what else to say. It’s easy, quick and there’s no pain!”

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