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Breast Microseed Treatment® is performed under anesthesia in an outpatient setting during a one-time procedure that lasts about an hour. After the procedure, patients can return home the same day and resume their normal activities the day after, including showering and enjoying their regular routines.

Permanently implanted seeds deliver radiation treatment slowly over time.

On average, Breast Microseed Treatment is performed 8-12 weeks post lumpectomy. Depending on the healing of the seroma cavity, this treatment can also be performed as soon as 4 weeks after lumpectomy.

About two weeks before the procedure, your team will perform a CT scan of the affected breast to create a treatment plan that will be used the day of the procedure. This plan maps out the location in the breast where the Microseed® radiation sources will be inserted.

CT-based computer-generated treatment plan

The day of the procedure you’ll use the treatment plan, guided by ultrasound, to target the placement of the seeds, minimizing radiation to other organs. The Breast Microseed Treatment template enables strategic insertion of needles containing the seeds into the area to be treated. Microseed® sources are then released from the needles, where they remain in the breast and deliver the prescribed radiation dose safely over time.

Make a quicker return to normal activity possible for your patients with early-stage breast cancer by using this simplified post-lumpectomy radiation therapy.

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